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Ride to the top and then down and link it directly into Ridegeline. Tree is elevated, so not rideable for most. Fast, fun descent. Probably not best to ride. A long, long, did I mention long? Fire road that circles Mauna Kea. Unfortunately, the lake-side trail has a hike-a-bike section in the middle. The valley to your left drops away as you climb up and through a shallow waterfall. Tree is elevated, so not rideable for most.

Big downed tree near the end of Lower Black.

There are also several sections of slickrock that are fun to ride and allow you to pick your own line. Starts off flowy with some good jumps then gets into more technical rock gardens. Few sections rutted out but great experience for my first ride there! Trail full of berms and fun features! Awesome trail. Kitsuma is a point to point singletrack trail that has a machine groomed tread in most parts. This trail is now a designated one way from the Lee's Train/C$ intersection. Counterclockwise the descent is shorter but steeper in spots. Stay straight when the trail intersects with a doubletrack and then bear left at an intersection with the winter/horse route.

Two wheel drifting is likely if you have speed but are not riding the top few inches of the berms. Have fun and hang on tight! This trail has big sized jumps in it, very fast and dry! Great views over the valley. Otherwise dry. The trails all run parallel to the Fountain Place paved road so they can be shuttled by car. This trail has big sized jumps in it, very fast and dry! Fun and all down when coming off the top. When combined with Otero Upper, this trail is just crazy fast, flowy, amazingness.


It is typically maintained at a high level due to its popularity and use. Mostly dry with some small mud puddles. A long, long, did I mention long? Fire road that circles Mauna Kea. One of the best downhills in the area. It packs in a lot of excitement in a short amount of time. Wait a few days after any fresh snowfall and the entire area becomes one giant freeride trail after all the shredders pack down the powder. Watch that you don't overshoot the switchback to stay on the black diamond descent - the blue route is completely overgrown. This trail can be sandy during dry summer months and is best after rain, in the spring or fall. Lots of Flow!


The main bike trail is about 18KM long with a gentle -5% grade. Sight lines are fantastic and the flow is amazing. On the bike map it is often combined as the Whole Enchilada with Porcupine Rim, Kokopelli, Hazard County and Burro Pass. This trail can be ridden as a loop, or could be ridden as an out-in-back. Flow trail is a bit tight at the top, but gets really fast as you transition to the lower Rush. If you continue, the trail ends at one of the lakes and continues lakeside until reaching the point where you began the trail The lake-side bit is fairly technical and very fun. From the young (or not so young) beginner, to the downhill pro, a flow trail delivers smiles for riders of all ages and skill level. 6 mile thrill ride through the dense pine forest of the park. Let me begin by recommending you don't do this ride unless you're pretty confident in your fitness.

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